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Flex GIS

New aerial photographs taken in May, 2013 have been added to the system. They are available above a scale of 1:4,000.

Welcome to the City of Quinte West GIS site which is operated and maintained by the City's GIS Division. The mapping system runs on ESRI's ArcGIS for Flex. Flex GIS is considered the next generation of web mapping. Now we are offering a system for IOS (Apple) and mobile device users (please see below).

The City of Quinte West has replaced its award winning GIS application (2007 ESRI International SAG - Special Achievement in Geographic Information Systems Award) with the Flex GIS site. The City of Quinte West was one of the first Canadian Municipalities to launch this innovative GIS program and now are offering a platform for IOS and mobile device users called Quinte West Mobile GIS Maps.

Flex GIS is highlighted by its interactive nature, intuitive tools, and faster map viewing. It also allows the user more control over the map interface and allows for a larger map space.

Other interactive features of note for the City's new Public Flex GIS site:

  • instant information search for various layers (added in 2013 is the property zoning)
  • tourism sites with website link and photos
  • 2002 and 2008 aerial photography that can be seen to 1:1,000
  • quick links to various City and external web links such as Environment Canada Weather Warnings/Conditions, Hydro One Power Outage webpage, PRISM-911 QWIK Check, etc.
  • Google Street View is embedded in the Flex Viewer for streets that have been covered by Google

If you agree with the disclaimer below and wish to enter the City's Flex GIS site, please click here or on the Quinte West Flex GIS icon to enter the site. You may have download or upgrade your Adobe Flash software to access our site. A link to this free software is shown below.

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City of Quinte West Mobile GIS Maps

Mobile GIS

New system for IOS and mobile device users.

Now we are building and offering a system for IOS (Apple) and mobile device users. It is a simplified version of the desktop Flex GIS version above for mobile use. Warning - not all features from the Flex application above are offered with this mobile application.

For more information on this new municipal service or any GIS related service, please contact

Steve Whitehead, GIS Supervisor

This website is for your personal use and non-commercial use. All data and related graphics in the GIS are protected by copyright. Data displayed is for illustrative purposes only and does not subsitute a Legal Survey. The City of Quinte West, and its employees will not be held liable for any claims resulting from damages or losses resulting from the use of this application. Do not rely on this map for legal administrative purposes or applications that require accurate positional data. Do not rely on it as being a precise indicator of routes, locations of features, or as a guide to navigation. This map may contain cartographic errors or omissions.

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